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Career Day

Santa's Workshop

The Polar Express

Christmas Polar Express 07.JPG
Christmas Polar Express 06.JPG
Christmas Polar Express 01.JPG
Christmas Polar Express 05.JPG
Christmas Polar Express 03.JPG
Christmas Polar Express 02.JPG
Christmas Polar Express 04.JPG

The Letter S

Show n Tell Letter S.JPG
Letter S.JPG
Letter S 03.JPG
Letter S 02.JPG

Christmas Nativity Center

Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving 10.JPG
Thanksgiving 12.JPG
Thanksgiving 11.JPG
Thanksgiving 09 (2).JPG
Thanksgiving 08.JPG
Thanksgiving 06.JPG
Thanksgiving 05.JPG
Thanksgiving 03.JPG
Thanksgiving 02.JPG
Thanksgiving 04.JPG
Thanksgiving 01 (2).JPG

The Letter I - Ice Experiments and Ice Cream

Letter I Ice experiment (2).JPG
Letter I Ice Experiment 02 (2).JPG
Letter I Ice Experiment 01.JPG
Letter I 04 (2).JPG
Letter I 08 (2).JPG
Letter I 07 (2).JPG
Letter I 06 (2).JPG
Letter I 02 (2).JPG

The Letter M - M is for Mail and Show & Tell

M for Mail.jpg
M for Mail 02.jpg
Letter M 01.jpg
M for Mail 01.jpg
Letter M .jpg
Letter M Show n Tell.JPG

The Letter A - Making Apple Pies, Apple Bubbles, and Show & Tell

Making Apple Pie.JPG
Making Apple Pie 01.JPG
Making Apple Pie 02.JPG
apple bubbles 3.JPG
apple bubbles 4.JPG
apple bubbles2.JPG
Apple Bubbles.JPG

The Letter A - Making Applesauce

making applesauce4.JPG
making applesauce5.JPG
making applesauce3.JPG
making applesauce2.JPG
making applesauce`.JPG
making applesauce9.JPG
making applesauce6.JPG
making applesauce7.JPG
making applesauce 8

The Letter A - Airplanes

flying airplanes

The Letter J - Jam and Show & Tell

Letter J Show n Tell.jpg
Tea Time with Toast 05.JPG
Tea Time with Toast 01.JPG

The Letter T - Tea Time with Toast

Tea Time with Toast 08.JPG
Tea Time with Toast 07.JPG
Tea Time with Toast 02.png
Tea Time with Toast 03.JPG

The Letter P - PJ Day and Show & Tell

Letter P 01.png
Letter P 03.png
Letter P 02.png
P.J. Day .png
P.J. Day 01.png
Letter P Show n Tell.png
Letter L 2019-20.png
Lion Snack 02.png
Lion Snack 03.png
Lion Snack 2019-20.png
Lion Snack 01.png

The Letter L - Lion Snacks and Show & Tell

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