Mrs. Reini & Mrs. Pattie's PK-4

101 Years Old 02.png
101 Years Old 01.png
101 Years Old 03.png
101 Years Old.png
101 Years Old 04.png

B is for Bubbles

Letter B 03.png
Letter B 06.png
Letter B 02.png
Letter B 05.png
Letter B 01.png
Letter B 04.png
Letter B 10.png
Letter B 11.png
Letter B 08.png
Letter B 09.png
Letter B 07.png

We're 101 Years Old and 101 Days Smarter

Letter I 01.png
Letter I 02.png
Letter I 03.png
Letter I 04.png
Letter I 05.png
Letter I 06.png

I is for Ice Experiment

Letter B Show n Tell.png

Show and Tell

V is for Vet and Veggie Soup

Letter V Vet 05.png
Letter V Vegetable 08.png
Letter V Vegetable 06.png
Letter V Vegetable 05.png
Letter V Vegetable 07.png
Letter V Vet 03 (2).png
Letter V Vet 01.png
Letter V Vet 06.png
Letter V Vet 07 (2).png

Thanksgiving Turkeys


Visit with Bishop Kihneman

Visit with Father Mike.png

Visit with Father Mike

If You Give a Moose a Muffin

Moose 03.png
Moose 04.png
Moose .png
Moose 01.png
Moose 05.png
Moose 02.png

H is for Hospital

Letter H Hospital 01.png
Letter H Hospital 02.png
Letter H Hospital 03.png
Letter H Hospital 05.png
Letter H Hospital 04.png
Letter H Hospital 06.png
Letter V Vegetable 02.png
Letter V Vegetable 03.png
Letter V Vegetable 01.png
Letter V Vegetable 09.png
Letter V Vegetable .png
Letter V Vegetable Soup 01.png
Letter V Vegetable Soup 02.png

Community Helpers

Fire Department 2018.JPG
Police 2018.jpg

Apple Science Experiment

Apple Science 11 (2).JPG
Apple Science 10 (2).JPG
Apple Science 12 (2).JPG
Apple Science 9 (2).JPG
Apple Science 7 (2).JPG
Apple Science 2 (2).JPG
Apple Science 5 (2).JPG
Apple Science 1 (2).JPG
Apple Science 6 (2).JPG

Making Applesauce

A is for Apple and Airplane

Making Apple Sauce 3 (2).JPG
Making Apple Sauce 4 (3).JPG
Making Apple Sauce 2 (2).JPG
Making Apple Sauce 1 (2).JPG
Making Apple Sauce (2).JPG
Applesauce (2).JPG

Flying Airplanes

Airplanes 6 (2).JPG
Airplanes 5 (2).JPG
Airplanes (2).JPG
Airplanes 2 (2).JPG
Airplanes 3 (2).JPG
Airplanes 1 (2).JPG
Airplanes 4 (2).JPG

Halloween Science

Halloween Science 05.png
Halloween Science 03.png
Halloween Science 01.png
Halloween Science 04.png
Halloween Science 02.png

T for Tea Time and Toast

P is for Pancakes, Pirates, Pajamas and Popcorn


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