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Journey of Thanksgiving

Just before our Thanksgiving holiday, the HTCS Ambassador Leadership Ministry hosted an interactive prayer service for the student body. As students traveled in teams composed of 1st through 6th graders to stations throughout the school, teachers spoke about the many gifts from God that we are thankful for each day. Students received items of representation for their buckets at each activity completed. The cafeteria was the starting point, where teams assembled a puzzle that stated the Blessing Before a Meal, and focused on how food nourishes our physical bodies, but the body and blood of Jesus nourishes our soul. In the library, the gift of education, specifically Catholic education, was the focus topic. As teams gathered at the school office, they were asked to read a selected Bible verse, which focused on being thankful for the special gift of their unique self.  In the art room teams were a part of a project using fingerprints to fill in a beehive to show our thanks for God's beautiful creations and to continue our school theme, "How sweet are Your words." When teams arrived at the buddy bench on the playground, the gift of friendship was the highlighted topic. In the school chapel, students talked about being thankful for our church and the privilege to pray. Students sang praises of thanksgiving in the music room. As teams waited for the next station, they worked together to complete a Thanksgiving prayer in the form of an acrostic poem. For a question and answer station, teams shared faith-filled experiences such as, their favorite Saint, favorite Bible story, and times when they were called upon to pray for someone. At the Shrine of Mary, students gave thanks for our families on Earth and our Heavenly Family. Teams finished the journey in the Church with a prayer service. A big thanks to the young men of St. Stanislaus for assisting our teams on their journey.

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