Career Day
Special thanks to our counselor, Mrs. Jordyn, for organizing such an informative and enjoyable event for our students!

Pre-K Career Visitors

Thank you to Mrs. Lisa Stephens - Nurse; Mrs. Melody Fillhart - Oceanographer; Mr. Russell Carter - Subsea Engineer; and

Mr. Steve Lombardo - Owner, landscape company

1st - 3rd Grade Career Visitors

Thank you to Mrs. Rachel Jewell, detective, & the Bay St. Louis Police Department; Mrs. Amanda Estrade - Banker;

Mrs. Devon Reeg - Hairstylist; Mrs. Mandy Vollenweider - NICU/Nursery Nurse; Mrs. Stephanie Wilkinson - Nurse

Thank you to Mrs. Rachel Jewell for the photos.

4th - 6th Grade Career Visitors

Thank you to Mr. Sean Ziegler - Computer Science; Mrs. Siobhan Bailey - Architect/Realtor; Mrs. Sandy Maggio - Silversmith/Goldsmith; Mrs. Rea Lenz - Patient Safety Director; Father Jacob Smith - Vocations;

Mrs. Mary Penton - Hairstylist; Mr. Jeremy Penton - Masonry/Bricklayer