Mrs. Nolan - 1st Grade

Chinese New Year Celebration

Mardi Gras

Career Day

100th Day of School

Making Butter, Blessing of the Brown Scapulars,
and a Fun Thanksgiving Feast

Visit with SSC Marine Science


Using Science Tools

Running Rainbow Science Experiment

running rainbow.jpeg
running rainbow 2
running rainbow 1

Mister Seahorse with Tavia from Pearl River Community College

mister seahorse 3
mister seahorse 1
mister seahorse.jpeg
mister seahorse 2

Making Pollinators

pollinators 1
pollinators 2
pollinators 3
pollinators 4

Learning the Church Calendar with Father Braxton

church calendar 4
church calendar 1
church calendar 2
church calendar 3

Duck Pond Environmental Scavenger Hunt

duck pond 2
duck pond.jpg
duck pond 3
duck pond 4

Classroom Fun

classroom fun 2
classroom fun.jpeg
classroom fun 3
classroom fun 4

Butterfly Camouflage Game

butterfly camo 1
butterfly camo 2
butterfly camo 3
butterfly camo.jpg

First Day of School

first day 1
first day 2