Mrs. Nolan - 1st Grade

Learning to Use Money at Creole Creamery

Thank you to the Ambassadors for helping us make our purchases!

Chinese New Year Celebration

Mardi Gras

Career Day

100th Day of School

Making Butter, Blessing of the Brown Scapulars,
and a Fun Thanksgiving Feast

Visit with SSC Marine Science


Using Science Tools

Running Rainbow Science Experiment

running rainbow.jpeg
running rainbow 2
running rainbow 1

Mister Seahorse with Tavia from Pearl River Community College

mister seahorse 3
mister seahorse 1
mister seahorse.jpeg
mister seahorse 2

Making Pollinators

pollinators 1
pollinators 2
pollinators 3
pollinators 4

Learning the Church Calendar with Father Braxton

church calendar 4
church calendar 1
church calendar 2
church calendar 3

Duck Pond Environmental Scavenger Hunt

duck pond 2
duck pond.jpg
duck pond 3
duck pond 4

Classroom Fun

classroom fun 2
classroom fun.jpeg
classroom fun 3
classroom fun 4

Butterfly Camouflage Game

butterfly camo 1
butterfly camo 2
butterfly camo 3
butterfly camo.jpg

First Day of School

first day 1
first day 2